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How men came to be— Covering the events forces that have shaped masculine ethos.

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About Ruwando:

I’m a long time podcaster on psychology for men (Ruwando Podcast), and have worked in the men’s personal development space since 2011.

More recently I found the best life lessons for men come from history.

Volume One: A History of Violence

Our first series is on how the evolution of masculine culture and virtue through warfighting, from the Stone Age to modern day. Supplementary ideas and stories will be released on the substack as articles.

Episodes that are out already:

Prologue: The Winner Effect Testosterone and Origin of Male Competition

History of Man Podcast
0 The Winner Effect: Testosterone and the Origins of Male Competition
Listen now | This episode covers the roots of male competition from single-celled asexual species all the way up to modern day stock brokers. It’s more biology than history, but we have to start with objective science if we are to make sane assessments of human culture later on…
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I Sticks and Stones: Prehistoric Violence and the Origins of Warrior Ethos

History of Man Podcast
I Sticks and Stones: Prehistoric Violence and the Birth of Warrior Ethos
Listen now (103 min) | …
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II Chiefs to Kings: Solid State War in the Bronze Age

History of Man Podcast
II Chiefs to Kings: Solid State War in the Bronze Age
Listen now (147 min) | There was no such thing as “war” in the Stone Age. Only through certain social advancements was war made possible by the early states. This episode covers: History’s first war, first empire, and first fully centralized state. The art of “statecraft” as an extension of the dominance hierarchy…
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III With Your Shield or On It: Battle for Culture in the Greco-Persian and Peloponnesian Wars. (Will publish Oct 2022)

Future Episodes:

These are subject to change. The more I research, the more I find topics worth expanding on. This is the general aim however.

IV Great Man Theory: The Making of Alexander

V Live by the Sword: Personal Glory in the Roman Era

VI For God, Not Country: Monotheism and the Weaponization of Ideology

VII The Whites of Their Eyes: Maneuvre Warfare in the Gunpowder Era (Likely will be split into the Pike and Shot Era, Napoleon, and the American Civil War)

VIII In the Trenches: World Wars and Mass Destruction (Will be split into WW1 and WW2)

IX Hearts and Minds: Guerilla Tactics, Psyops, and Subversive Ethics

X Army of One, Army of None: Technologization and Impersonal Combat in the Modern Era


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