History of Man combined with Ruwando Substack

November 2022

Why people are more violent in groups

October 2022

The Evolution of the Chief Archetype
The Evolution of the Warrior Archetype in Society
On Proxy Virtues-- How Society 'Rates' Men
III With Your Shield Or On It: Greco-Persian WarsListen now (175 min) | The Battle for Cultural Supremacy & Masculine Morality

August 2022

The functional purpose of masculinity
An interview with Arthur Kwon Lee

July 2022

How cultural evaluations determine how men fight.
A couple graphics on the shift of male social status and responsibility

June 2022

II Chiefs to Kings: Solid State War in the Bronze AgeListen now (147 min) | How Statecraft and Group Identity Shifted Male Instincts

May 2022

Episode II comes out Thursday!